5 reasons investing in a home office is a good idea

Are you considering the pros and cons of investing in a home office but can’t quite decide what to do? After almost two years of the ups and down of covid in the community this is an increasingly common question for many, and one we can help with. Check out our 5 reasons why investing in a home office is a good idea.

  1. Save on the daily commute

With a portable office right outside your front door you can save time, money and the planet without your daily commute in the car. Your petrol and car running costs will be decreased as you will no longer be needing it to get to get to and from work. You will save the time you would usually spend on your commute and be able to put it to better use (exercise, sit down to eat breakfast for a change or catch up on your latest Netflix obsession). Last, you are doing the planet a favour by cutting carbon emissions on your usual daily commute!

  1. You’re in charge of your schedule

You no longer need to be a slave to the 40-hour work week – you can work when it suits you! A work from home space allows you to work the hours that suit you and your lifestyle, whether it is first thing in the morning, late at night or in short bursts throughout the day, the option is yours.

  1. Tick off those house-hold chores

By cutting your daily commute, hunt for parking spaces and/ or the walk to work, you can use the time instead to tick off some of those pesky household chores in your down time. Gone are the days of spending the weekend on catch up, with your portable cabin right outside your door, you have the flexibility to tick off those tasks in between work calls and emails.

  1. The option for re-sale

By investing in a portable work from home office, you have the ability to on-sell or repurpose the space when no longer needed. Portable cabins re-sell well, so if you change jobs, sell your house or decide working from home isn’t for you, you have the ability to simply sell your cabin to someone else.

  1. Peace and Quiet

With weeks of lock down behind us, we all understand the difficulty in trying to work in our houses with life happening around us. A portable cabin provides a quiet space to escape (just outside your door), allowing us to focus solely on work without the interruptions and noise.

The benefits of investing in a portable cabin as a work from home office are endless and the pros far outweigh the cons. So, if you have the space for a portable cabin on site, get in touch, we would love to help you build the best work from home space you could imagine!

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