Does size really matter?

When it comes to buying a portable cabin, does the size really matter? The simple answer is yes, it sure does! This is a question we are asked frequently and one that you should really take the time to consider before parting with your hard-earned money. If you are looking at a cabin for your property but aren’t sure where to start with size, we have some helpful tips below.

What is the purpose of your cabin? We suggest really thinking about why you are purchasing a cabin and what purpose it is serving. For example, is it a sleepout for your teenager with a wardrobe large enough to rival Kim Kardashian or is it a work from home office that only requires a small space for a single desk and monitor? Picturing your use for the cabin and what furniture the space requires can help pinpoint how much floor area you will actually need.

Where is the cabin going to sit? It is always best to think about where on your property you would like your cabin to sit, where your door access will need to be and where your power will need to connect on site. We suggest dusting off the tape measure and mapping out the space to make sure that it will sit exactly where you want within your area. If the space won’t allow for the length or depth you had your heart set on, we could look at alternative options of going wider, shorter or longer to make your space work.

Can we access your space? You have finally decided on the perfect cabin size that will work best for your property but there is one last important note to consider – can the cabin be delivered to that site? Small, medium and large cabins are generally delivered on a large trailer which requires 3m in width and 3 – 4m height to get it as close to its site as possible. This is the time to consider things like whether you can part with that lemon tree that sits in the way between you and your dream cabin or if you need to pop over for a chat with the neighbor to ask if they will let you lift your cabin over the fence from their side. There is usually a solution to these problems, it is just finding the right one for you and your property.

We encourage you to take the time in making sure your portable cabin is the best size for you and your requirements before your build begins. We are always happy to chat on the phone or pop over and visit your site to help you with all these questions. As they say, size really does matter!

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